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How is the Bedell Curriculum formated?

       This curriculum consists of nine textbooks that completely cover the entire Bible. Starting with Genesis 1:1 and proceeding through these nine volumes to Revelation 22:21, the student will study eleven subjects as they are mentioned in the Word of God. These subjects are as follows:


Bible Subjects:

Psychology (My Relationship with God)

Sociology (My Relationship with God and Others)

Apologetics (God Reveals Himself to Me)


Science Subjects:

Life Science

Earth Science


Physical Science


History Subjects:

World History

U.S. History




       The nine textbooks will be available on the primary/junior levels (grades 1-6). In the primary/junior textbooks, each lesson is presented on the primary level and the junior level. This makes the teaching of various grade combinations easy.  It is expected that the complete set of nine volumes will be available by Summer, 2016